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Dharma won Reserve for both Sand to Sea Special & Kennel Club of Palm Springs

For those of you who were unable to join us last night for the AKC Pet Insurance, Breeder Support Presentation, here is a link for the pre-recorded presentation that was requested for club members who could not attend.

This link will expire after February 15th, so just be aware that anyone attempting to view it after that date will no longer be able to.

Thank you to those who did attend and all the great questions that were asked.  
It was a great learning experience.

Silver State Kennel club member, Connie Kling, is the  sportsmanship award winner  for  2022!

Terry Stackhouse
Pia Valle's Beagle Donut
Sandy & Lee Brannum

Kendra Gregory

Toni Young

Amy Pong

Peggy Miller

Connie Kling

Ginger Austin

Lorraine Jacintho

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