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President                      Ginger Austin                      702-367-1053  

Vice President              Susie Osburn                      702-493-3976                  

Corresponding Sec.     Connie Kling                       702-496-4580

Treasurer                      Toni Young                          702-538-7325 

Show Chair                   Kristi Kaminsky                                             

Board of Directors   
  Kendra Gregory                 702-375-8478  
  Sandy Bur
ns                       702-645-2383                 

  Pia Valle                                                      

AKC Delegate             Daniele Ledoux-Starzyk     702-768-1944 

SILVER STATE KENNEL CLUB operates under a Constitution and by-laws approved by the American Kennel Club. Under these by-laws, a Board of Directors consisting of nine people, governs the Club.

These are:

  •  President,

  • Vice-President,

  • Show Chairman,

  • Corresponding Secretary,

  • Recording Secretary,

  • Treasurer

  • Three Directors, one of which is the out-going President.

Our by-laws set forth SSKC's main objective:

"...To unite dog fanciers interested in the welfare and betterment of the dog ... to assist members, through in- struction and education, in bringing the natural qualities of their breed to perfection, to conduct Dog Shows, Obedience Trials, and Sanctioned Matches, under the rules of the American Kennel Club."

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